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Wordstash.app is a simple flashcard-like app that might come in handy for memorizing new words. The key feature is to stay a neat, easy-to-use and standalone app, slightly abstracted from learning just a foreign language.

Screenshot of card list with no progressScreenshot of collection list

Your personal dictionary

Collect words on a specific topic, subject matter or language you are studying, or just encountered useful words you want to memorize.

Screenshot of definition selectorScreenshot of card with no definition

With built-in dictionaries

Look up definitions in-app while adding a new term. Princeton WordNet and Yandex Dictionary are available at the moment.

Screenshot of gameplayScreenshot of game settings

From dictionary to vocabulary

Set suitable options and play a kind of mini-game to recollect the words you might’ve forgotten. Just a minute is quite enough.

Screenshot of card list with progressScreenshot of score

Watch your progress

Save the game score to see your progress and to increase the next game efficiency as well. Repeat until you’ve got full progress bars for each card...

Use on a suitable device

The app is cross-platform and can be installed on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and Linux. Or, you can run the app just in a browser.

Don’t stop when offline

Keep learning new words even when your device has no Internet connection. The app is offline-first, hence don’t forget to sync your collections sometimes...


Sync your collections to keep them backed up on the server and ready-to-update on all your devices. Or, do not sync to keep them totally private.

And someday more...